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Medical Maquilas in Tijuana: Health for some, illness for others

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Guadalupe went up to the podium of the former Multicultural Center of Tijuana. An audience of about 200 witnessed the meeting between Subcomandante Marcos along with other members of “La Otra Campaña” and a group of women maquila workers who came to share their testimony. Guadalupe spoke about Mariana, a 28-year-old former colleague who worked in the maquila for three year and was, according to Guadalupe, “a very hard worker”. Without hesitating or crying, Gudalupe shared: “Mariana passed away on January 6, 2006 as a result of the chemicals used in the maquila. The doctor told her sister that her lungs were dry. Mariana’s job was stamping the lens; she had direct contact with thinner and turpentine.

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