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Frente Indígena de Organizaciones Binacionales (FIOB) and Ollin Calli Present

Working Women in Maquilas and the Fields

March 7th, 5pm-10pm
Centro Cultural de la Raza

2004 Park Boulevard
San Diego, CA
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Music, food, presentations and more. The Binational Front of Indigenous Organizations (FIOB) and Ollin Calli (Collective in Movement) would like to formally invite you to our fundraising dinner, Mujeres trabajadoras, las áreas laborales mas explotadas en México después del TLC en 1994. This international women’s Day celebration is to recognize our hardworking female farm and maquiladora workers residing and working in Baja California, Mexico. As organizations committed to defending the human and labor right’s Mujeres trabajadoras, las áreas laborales mas explotadas en México después del TLC en 1994 will include presentations on the current living and working conditions that our brothers and sisters and faced with, as well as food and live entertainment.

This event is an opportunity to learn about the conditions facing agricultural and maquila workers in Baja California. In addition, it is a chance to create and build collaborations with our organization and other community-based groups.  Attendance to this event will give your organization a chance to gather information that will increase your understanding that work we do with indigenous and non-indigenous workers in Baja California. 
Ticket: $10 in advance and $15 at the door Includes dinner- Oaxacan mole

For tickets, your contribution can be made out to “SDMWSN” (San Diego Maquiladora Workers’ Solidarity Network), nonprofit 501 (c). A receipt of the donation for tax purposes will be sent to, you, if you request it. Checks can be mailed to Herb Shore, 6142 Romany Drive, San Diego, CA 92120. Or you could donate online via (Please indicate “March 7 event.”)

For tickets and more information:

Rosy Díaz (760) 415-8419
Enriqueta Medina (760)847-7449
Rogelio Méndez (619) 722-4870
Enrique Dávalos (619)
Luis López (619) 289-4731

Guadalupe went up to the podium of the former Multicultural Center of Tijuana. An audience of about 200 witnessed the meeting between Subcomandante Marcos along with other members of “La Otra Campaña” and a group of women maquila workers who came to share their testimony. Guadalupe spoke about Mariana, a 28-year-old former colleague who worked in the maquila for three year and was, according to Guadalupe, “a very hard worker”. Without hesitating or crying, Gudalupe shared: “Mariana passed away on January 6, 2006 as a result of the chemicals used in the maquila. The doctor told her sister that her lungs were dry. Mariana’s job was stamping the lens; she had direct contact with thinner and turpentine.

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